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Open Enrollment is Over — Now What?

With open #enrollment over, many employers strategically plan ahead for 2014 PPACA compliance. Register for our upcoming employer webinar and be prepared when 2014 comes.

Benefit Plans After the DOMA Decision – Employer Webinar

Join us for the next employer webinar on benefit plan guidelines that have been issued after the DOMA decision, what group and retirement plans need to do to comply with this decision, and ways to deal with the uncertainties.

Benefit Plans After the DOMA Decision

Join us November 12th for our next webinar on DOMA guidelines that have been issued, what group and retirement plans need to do to comply with this decision, ways to deal with the uncertainties created by the Court’s ruling, and when employers need to act.

Stand Out from the Crowd with Voluntary Benefits

With many employers cutting hours, dropping spouse coverage, and more; your health plan may not be your hallmark anymore. That’s why voluntary benefits may become the cornerstone of your recruitment and retention strategy.

How Effective Communication Happens: Benefits Style!

In this session, Touchpoints will share tips to help you create an effective communication strategy, and most importantly execute that strategy and measure the results. We will also share a few tricks to help you communicate better today!

Happy and Well: Employee Wellness Under Obamacare

It’s not so much about the health care dollars you gain back for your business with wellness programs, but more about how these initiatives can transform your company culture for the better. Read more…

Meeting the Challenge of Compliance and Cost

Effective FMLA management and early intervention can help save money and increase productivity from future disability claim activity. Register for our complimentary webinar!


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