Why Care About Diabetes and What You Can Do as an Employer | PA Benefit Advisors

Diabetes is an expensive disease: $322 billon in America! Costs are compounded because diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, lower limb amputation, and blindness, and also has connections with some cancers, arthritis, gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. To add some perspective, consider these facts: Today, 3,835 Americans will be diagnosed … Continued

Top Wellness Program Components | PA Benefit Advisors

While wellness programs and offerings continue to evolve among new trends and regulations, there are seven key components that tend to drive the most successful and effective programs we have seen with our clients. Biometric Data Collection Whether in the form of a biometric screening event or annual physical exam with a primary care provider, … Continued

Cost Effective Wellness Strategies for Small Business Employers |PA Benefit Advisors

Companies like Google®, L.L. Bean®, and Zappos.com® have the ability to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on wellness programs for their employees. They can build state-of-the-art gym facilities, walking trails around the corporate campus, and offer any number of wellness services to benefit their workers, as well as monetary incentives. For the average employer … Continued

The ABCs of Minimizing Workplace Stress | Pennsylvania Employee Benefits

Did you know that work is the second most common source of stress after money?  Worries about workload, job security, or work/life balance can all take a toll on your employees, causing symptoms such tension and irritability, inability to make decisions or concentrate, feelings of powerlessness and anger, physical ailments, and risky behaviors such as … Continued

Medical Marijuana Act | Pennsylvania Employment Law Update

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act (S.B. 3) into law, making Pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. In regards to employment, the law provides that a medical marijuana patient may be prohibited by his or her employer from: Performing any task the employer deems life-threatening, to … Continued


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