Uncle Sam says…..Communication is Key

You’ve likely been focusing mostly on the plan design and administration requirements of health care reform. But, the law has a series of new notification and communication requirements that start this year and extend over the next several years.

You’ll need to be thinking not only about the strategic communication needs—how to keep employees engaged in their health and managing costs—but also how to meet these legal requirements in a way that adds the most value.  (And, creates the least amount of additional work for you and your team.)

Much is still in flux about the changes in health care, but this article captures the key notification requirements and what to look for as regulations are issued.

What does healthcare reform have in store for how we communicate with our employees in 2012?

  • Summary of material changes (2012)
  • Summary of medical coverage (2012)
  • Description of all disease management programs (2012)
  • Automatic medical enrollment and opt-out actions (TBD—likely 2013)
  • Notification of exchanges and “free choice vouchers” (2013)
  • Description of claims process (TBD)


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