Wellness Programs are a Worthwhile Investment for Small Businesses

In “Making Wellness Work for Small Business,” CNBC.com discusses why workplace wellness programs are worth the effort for small organizations even when it seems as if only a large company can show a sizable ROI on wellness programs because “the end result of fewer sick days, heightened productivity and fewer costly insurance claims has been hard to quantify, especially for cash-strapped small businesses.”
“When most small business owners think of initiating a wellness program to help employees lose weight or stop smoking, they conclude it’s a luxury they can’t afford. Others have concluded they can’t afford not to.”
Offering a wellness program can play an important role in a small business’s success because with fewer people, the impact is much greater when someone takes a sick day or feels sluggish and underperforms.
Plus, offering a comprehensive wellness program lets employees know that their well-being is important. While an employee is not likely to get lost among the many, a person can feel taken for granted in a small business where there is so much to be done.
Experts interviewed for the article point out that as a small business, you do not have to roll out an elaborate wellness program to start. In fact, it might be better if you start small and add more components over time. That way, you can get employee feedback and fine- tune your workplace wellness efforts as you go along.
If your small business is wondering just how to provide a robust health care plan and contain costs, join the other small business who have found that a self-funded health plan lets them offer flexibility to employees without skyrocketing costs.


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